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Eat Near: Backyard Citrus Care

Learn how to help your citrus trees thrive…. Read more »

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Eat Near: Why we need a local food hub

The benefits and challenges of a space devoted to supporting local food producers…. Read more »

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Eat Near: Community orchard educates neighbors on backyard fruit

Instead of community garden, try a community orchard…. Read more »

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Eat Near: Bradenton Farmers' Market returns

A family farm and new help for cottage foods…. Read more »

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Eat Near: Small Farms conference, and an agroterrorism course to boot

Potential weaknesses in our agricultural systems? Find out next Monday…… Read more »

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Eat Near: Florida food specialists scour the state for Small Farms conference eats

I was in Kissimmee to learn, but all I could concentrate on was the food. Last year’s Florida Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference featured… Read more »

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Eat Near: Farm to spork at local school gardens

Kids get their hands dirty learning where food comes from…. Read more »

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Guide to local farmers' markets

As interest in local food has grown, so has the number of Suncoast farmers’ markets…. Read more »

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Fuzión guest artist offers class, sets new work

Cuban-born Isa Garcia-Rose is a former principal dancer with Dance Alive National Ballet…… Read more »

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Eat Near: Building community, plot by plot

Community gardens provide veggies, a connection with our food and a chance to watch things grow…. Read more »

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Eat Near: Honeyside Farms hooks up with Gecko's

“I owe you $5 for a car wash,” says Tiffany Bailey, once I pull to a stop along one of the boulder-strewn dirt roads that… Read more »

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Eat Near: Top 10 local food heroes

I’ve been writing my Eat Near column since April, and I can tell you the part I like best with no hesitation: meeting the impressive… Read more »

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Farm Fresh: The Florida Small Farms Conference celebrates local food

This year’s convention focused on getting local food to local tables…. Read more »

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Sense and the City: Diane McFarlin will be missed

Having met Sarasota Herald-Tribune Publisher Diane McFarlin only once and then briefly — when we bumped into each other one night at a Ringling Town Hall… Read more »

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Eat Near: Changing of the garden at Crowley Museum and Nature Center

From scenic spot and old Florida heritage to a focus on sustainable food sources…. Read more »

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