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Levin's role with Sarasota Music Festival will change in 2017

Robert Levin, who has been artistic director for the Sarasota Music Festival since 2007 and a faculty member since 1979, will step back from that… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Sarasota Music Festival finale appropriately joyful

It would be difficult to devise a more appropriate and life-affirming finale for the 50th anniversary of the Sarasota Music Festival than the program heard… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Spectacular performances continue through final Sarasota Music Festival weekend

It is no longer astonishing to note that student performances at the Sarasota Music Festival are indistinguishable from those of Festival faculty members. The opening… Read more »

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Staying flexible as a faculty member at the Sarasota Music Festival

Timothy Lees stresses flexibility to the students he works with as a faculty member of the Sarasota Music Festival: Musical, personal and physical. He demonstrates… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Sarasota Music Festival triumph continues

Once again, the Sarasota Music Festival reached a new level of excellence in the concert heard Saturday night at the Sarasota Opera House. So consistent… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Second Friday Festival concert continues to shine

Roars from the crowd greeted the final notes of Dvorak‚Äôs Piano Trio No. 2 in G minor, Op. 26. Indeed it had been a colorful… Read more »

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Her nickname is "C-Sharpe"

Chelsea “C” Sharpe leans forward in her chair, her violin bow positioned. She counts a beat, then inhales sharply and begins to play, the chamber… Read more »

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Second weekend of Sarasota Music Festival approaches

The 50th anniversary celebration of the Sarasota Music Festival approaches its midpoint with this weekend’s concerts. This afternoon’s Artist Showcase, featuring faculty musicians, opens with… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Joyful and energetic for Sarasota Music Festival's 50th season

The Sarasota Music Festival formula has changed little in its 50 seasons and neither has the infectious energy that seems always to accompany festival performances…. Read more »

MUSIC REVIEW: Students shine in festival program

Students frequently outshine faculty members as 50th anniversary festival begins… Read more »

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Sarasota Music Festival students prep for performances

A group of gifted young classical musicians are assigned to a room and a coach and given the score to a piece of chamber music…. Read more »

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Stability but evolution in five decades of Sarasota Music Festival

For 50 years, since its inception in 1965, the Sarasota Music Festival has stayed true to its mission: Further the education of gifted young classical… Read more »

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Sarasota Music Festival alumni keep coming back

Jewel of student events inspires faculty loyalty…… Read more »

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Sarasota Music Festival alumni return for 'Shooting Stars' concert

It’s still a couple of months before young classical musicians begin arriving at Holley Hall and the Hyatt, their two homes for the Sarasota Music… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Sarasota Music Festival ends brilliantly

No surprise here – the final concert of the 49th edition of the Sarasota Music Festival was an unmitigated triumph, a joyful and skillful celebration… Read more »

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