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The Scenestress goes with the local, creative flow

Imagine a giant warehouse that’s always full of art, music, living gardens and interesting people…. Read more »

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The Scenestress' Weekend Picks, Dec. 21-22

“LUX: A Celebration of Light” … and the “End of the World” show at the Cock & Bull…. Read more »

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The Scenestress' Weekend Picks, Dec. 8-9

Welcome to your weekend, darlings. It’s a well-rounded one this time, complete with education, fitness, art, beer and kink. SATURDAY Before you gather with the… Read more »

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Learn from photo pro Sean Lennon Salyards

D.C.-based photographer Sean Lennon Salyards will share his wisdom with the audience at Art Center Sarasota this Thursday as part of the Hermitage Artist Retreat’s lecture… Read more »

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The Scenestress soaks in rock 'n' roll and rain

Downpour doesn’t dampen spirits at 529 Clothesline Gallery exhibit…. Read more »

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iconcept Fashion Show: the Scenestress covets it all

The Art Center Sarasota fundraiser lives up to its growing reputation and popularity…. Read more »

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The Scenestress plans your weekend for you

Things are starting to heat up, so she tells you where to get down…. Read more »

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Scenestress' great combo: Watercolors & wine

Soaking up culture at the Art School, Gift & Framing Gallery of Colleen Cassidy…. Read more »

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'Creative types' are easy to envy

Attending a bunch of art events this weekend, I feel envious of those “creative types.” I realize the following doesn’t begin to fathom what it… Read more »

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Photos from "Star Wars" night at Mr. Beery's

A great night for beer and sci-fi geeks…. Read more »

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Meeting Martha and diggin' white-boy rap

Plus catching a sexy Latin band at Ceviche and croonin’ karaoke at Applebee’s – all in a day’s work for The Scenestress…. Read more »

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Cheap Thrills: Concerts, cheese, antiques, etc. ... so much to do

Everything to do under the Southwest Florida sun for $10 or less. … Read more »

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The Scenestress: A night at Growler's Pub and Broadway Bar

Two different hangouts, two different vibes…. Read more »

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