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MUSIC REVIEW: Tuba and quintets sparkle in Chamber Soiree

Enjoying the full Sarasota Orchestra in concert is an entirely different experience from the up-close thrill of recent Chamber Soiree concerts in Holley Hall. Soiree… Read more »


Music Review: Concert brings optimism for the future

Artist series presents an international array of musicians and voices… Read more »


REVIEW: Aitken concert reveals rare flute riches

As revealed during an extraordinarily varied concert presented by well-known flutist Robert Aitken Saturday evening, the flute is seldom accorded its importance in solo and small… Read more »


CONCERT REVIEW: Music Festival concludes with secure performances of the familiar and the less so

The buzz in the audience started before the concert. Everyone was praising the exceptional quality of the students and Festival performances this year. With this… Read more »


MUSIC REVIEW: A festival of skill and joy

Saturday evening at the Opera House was enormously joyful, both in the choice of repertoire and in its execution by the impressively talented musicians on… Read more »

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MUSIC REVIEW: Festival's exceptional performances continue

It’s now the midpoint of the Sarasota Music Festival and the Friday night Festival Concert featuring both gifted students and faculty was as pleasing as… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Hearing the future at Sarasota Music Festival

As Robert Levin, artistic director of the Sarasota Music Festival pointed out in his introductory remarks Sunday afternoon, the students of the festival are not… Read more »


CONCERT REVIEW: Orchestral component of festival off to a bright start

It is always amazing that student musicians from all over the world can come together and in less than a week turn out an orchestral… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Festival restores optimism again

Once again, the Sarasota Music Festival’s gifted students and faculty have provided the perfect antidote to the pessimism we feel as our world seems headed… Read more »

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REVIEW: Faculty artists open Sarasota Music Festival in style

It’s the June festival ritual. The first Sarasota Music Festival concert each year is an intimate affair with no more than a small handful of… Read more »


CONCERT REVIEW: Joie de vivre in Gilbert and Sullivan concert

Saturday was one of those “off days” for me. The stars were not in alignment and I wasn’t in a particularly good mood. Then I… Read more »


CONCERT REVIEW: Arts in the Ballpark scores again

The architecture of a concert program is often just as important as the content, a concept which governed the Sarasota Orchestra’s sold-out concert at Ed… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Another musical challenge from New College lands in Sarasota

During the 15 years since it began, New Music New College has stuck assiduously to its mission: To bring the best and most challenging contemporary… Read more »


CONCERT REVIEW: Key Chorale celebrates Mozart's last year

The last year of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s too-short life was one of tremendous creative output, with 40 different compositions flowing from his pen. Key Chorale… Read more »


CONCERT REVIEW: La Musica Festival surges to the end

The 29th year of the La Musica Festival came to an appropriately bracing and optimistic close Wednesday night with a rambunctious performance of Johannes Brahms’s… Read more »


CONCERT REVIEW: Sparkling sacred music with Gloria Musicae

Sarasota is blessed with a plenitude of fine choral ensembles and chief among them is the professional chamber chorus Gloria Musicae. To kick off a… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: La Musica continues to mix old and new

Avoiding the “stodgy” label so often associated with chamber music, La Musica’s festival format now includes music from our era in each concert, while confirming… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Romping through Mozart at La Musica

Each year as familiar musicians return to Sarasota for the annual feast that is La Musica, die-hard chamber music fans can be assured of plentiful… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Sarasota Orchestra 'Grande Finale' brings Masterworks season to a delightful close

The first season of any conductor’s tenure with an orchestra is the honeymoon. It appears the love is still strong between conductor Anu Tali, her… Read more »

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CONCERT REVIEW: Perahia provides fireworks finale

For the final concert of its 70th season, the Sarasota Concert Association brought the legendary American piano virtuoso Murray Perahia to the Van Wezel, where… Read more »

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