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TONY SOUZA will lead a discussion on American architecture at 6 p.m. Sept. 2 at Bookstore1Sarasota, 1359 Main St., Sarasota. 365-7900. LITERALLY SARASOTA will meet to discuss "Fierce Radiance" by ... Read more »

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"It's going to be totally authentic, authentic to the max," says Sol Shenker, 51, describing his new venture, a non-kosher Jewish-style deli coming to south Sarasota this fall. "I'm really ... Read more »


As a little girl growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Gwendolyn Calvert Baker was part of a warm, interconnected African-American family of several generations that supported one another in all ... Read more »

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Did I ever tell you about the softball team I joined when I first moved to Florida? Our sponsor was the Bayshore Recovery Center, or something like that. I figured ... Read more »


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Discover the most diverse dining and drinking destination in the area. Read more »

PROFESSIONAL THEATER SARASOTA “FST IMPROV COMEDY LOTTERY”: In another interactive rendition of FST Improv, 12 audience members will be asked before the show to randomly select out of the FST ... Read more »

COMING UP FERNANDO TRABA CONCERT: The State College of Florida welcomes music instructor and Sarasota Orchestra’s principal bassoon player Fernando Traba for a special recital. September 3. Neel Performing Arts ... Read more »

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Happy Friday Eve! Here are five fun activities for your Thursday pleasure. Read more »


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Southern rock stars helping one of their own Sunday in Sarasota. Read more »

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Drink, eat and be seen at this new restaurant and bar in downtown Sarasota. Read more »


Sarasota actress returns to a play that has kept her busy for the last three years. Read more »

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If you close your eyes and just listen to The Swingaroos, you might actually think you’ve traveled back in time to a small little nightclub in the 1930s to hear ... Read more »


Sicilian dishes and gourmet pizza are the specialties of Asaro’s Pizzeria & Ristorante in Nokomis (2454 Laurel Road, East, 941-485-5959). Proprietor Frank Asaro, who owns several restaurants on Long Island, ... Read more »
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